Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked Game

Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Hacked – The massively popular game gets the hacked treatment

You can be the most avid lover of the Pokémon franchise in the world, but if you are unwilling to invest your time into training and building your team, then you are unlikely to enjoy the full benefits that Pokémon has to offer. The same applies to Pokémon Tower Defense 2, which even though is an extremely enjoyable blend of tower defense and all things Pokémon, you cannot avoid the fact that training your Pokémon takes time, and lots of it. Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Hacked sports a few minor tweaks that allow you to enjoy the experience without having to spend hours grinding for levels and becoming frustrated at the inability to capture and train your favourite Pokémon.


Even though the success you will enjoy in the hacked version of the game cannot be transferred to the un-hacked version (this would give people an unfair advantage over people choosing to play the non-tweaked game), the gameplay itself in Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Hacked is almost identical to the original. Story mode still consists of the capturing and training of Pokémon as well as the thwarting of the evil efforts of shadow Pokémon. All the Pokémon available in the original are still available here as well. Even the battles take place in an identical fashion, with the placement of Pokémon towers in one of any desired battle positions. The only difference is that the hacked version allows you to progress more quickly and train up your Pokémon more efficiently.

More Experience Points

Strengthening your Pokémon towers relies on gaining experience points during battle in order to allow the Pokémon to level up, learn new moves, and eventually evolve if the Pokémon is able to do so. The only problem with the original version is that for players who wish to experience the benefits of having a strong Pokémon team, they must spend a long time fighting other Pokémon and gaining experience points. This process takes time, and some people may not be willing to dedicate this time to the game. The hacked version allows you to gain an inflated quantity of experience points in every battle, therefore allowing you to level up more quickly in order to quickly learn better moves and be a more formidable player.

One-Hit Capture, More Money

The hacked version of the game also allows you to capture Pokémon after only striking them once. The usual manner would be to wear their health down until their indicator bar is red, but playing the hacked version lets you drag your Pokéball over the Pokémon and capture it after only one hit. The game also issues more money to you than the original also, but as the game currently stands, currency doesn’t really play a significant role in pretty much anything in the game, so this feature seems a little futile.

Pokémon: Hacked

Simply put, Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Hacked is in essence identical to the original, only with minor tweaks to allow you to progress at a much faster pace than the un-hacked version. Bear in mind that any Pokémon gains you make in the hacked version hold the ‘hacked’ mark above their named and are therefore not really useful in the original version. That said, this game is perfect for anyone that want to reap the benefits of Pokémon without the initial investment of time.