Kingdom Rush Game

Kingdom Rush – Not your run-of-the-mill tower defense title


The sheer quantity of tower defense games in existence may result in a wide variety of games for newcomers to choose from, but this quantity does not necessarily denote quality. In fact, the number of truly unique titles in existence is very few, with the rest feeling very much like they are simply going through the motions and offering no distinguishing features to discern themselves from what is a very competitive genre. From the outset, it is clear that Kingdom Rush is truly in the minority: its distinctive cartoon style that brings some humour and shavings of fantasy to the medieval setting serves to set the tone for what is to be one of the most impressive and exceptional example of a tower defense games.

Solid Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush’s format will be completely familiar for long-term fans of the genre. The aim is to defend different sections of your kingdom by placing towers at strategic, pre-determined points around the map while an assortment of different types of enemy attempt to make it across the terrain without being killed. The best case scenario is that you manage to quash the invasion with ease, and the worst case is the loss of all of your lives and starting again at your inconvenience. It’s all pretty standard stuff, but Kingdom Rush has a very unique design, a considerable number of upgrades, and an outrageously –varied selection of foe to offer you in order to raise their flash game from ‘standard procedure’ to ‘delightful anomaly’ in terms of its standing in the tower defense world.

Medieval Makeovers

 Kingdom Rush contains four standard types of tower: the melee tower known as the ‘barracks’ that allow you to deploy troops to slow down the enemy, the ‘archers’ tower which fires a stream of arrows at the foe, the magical towers that direct supernatural projectiles in the direction of trouble, and the explosive artillery towers. Even though four may seem a limited number, you are also able to upgrade each tower type during the level as well as between levels with special upgrade points that are won depending on your performance during each level. Each tower type can then be upgraded into one of two sub-types. For example, the magic towers can either become enemy-teleporting/vaporising ‘Arcane Wizards’ or the footsoldier-summoning/enemy transforming ‘Sorcerer Mage’. Each and every single tower type and subsequent upgrade possesses passive abilities and are effective to varying degrees depending on the type of enemy it is attacking.

Variety of Enemy

Another notable feature of Kingdom Rush is not only the variation in type of enemy to go up against, but also the differing characteristics of the enemies, which leads to the need for careful consideration when building your towers. Enemies with magical capabilities such as Shamans are resistant to magic and therefore will pass by your magic towers with ease; archers are most effective against these foes. With 51 different enemies each possessing varying abilities, resistances, and strengths, there is no shortage of diversity to keep you entertained, and also no shortage of the need for strategic consideration of your tower placement, as well as their type.


With its potential for tower customisation and range of enemy, Iron Hide's and Armor Games' Kingdom Rush stands out as an exceptional title as a result of these features alone. If you factor in the incredibly-illustrated graphics and humorous cartoon style, the elements of fantasy that pop up throughout and also the inclusion of further allies in the form of 9 different ‘heroes’ to deploy against the enemy in a time of need, then Kingdom Rush can easily be described as one of the best embodiments of tower defense in existence.