Bloons Tower Defense 6 Game

Even though Bloons TD 6 Game has not yet been developed, we have some speculation on what we would like to see from this highly-anticipated sequel in the article below. In the mean time, why not play one of our other games further down the page:

Bloons Tower Defense 6 – Ideas and improvements for a delightful sequel

Sequel Anticipation Level: Over 9000

Bloons Tower Defense is a game that is played around the world by hundreds of thousands of fans, likely stretching into the millions. Its popularity is such that it is currently on its fifth title in a series of games that simply keeps getting better and better without fail. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the idea of the next sequel to the amazing Bloons Tower Defense 5 is causing some stir amongst fans, with levels of anticipation reaching heights that can only be described in terms of silly internet memes. Bloons Tower Defense 6 discussion is rife on the minefield of unfailingly correct opinions that is the internet (because all of them are correct to someone out there, usually the person who holds said opinion) , and I would be naive to think that I could come up with any ideas that haven’t already graced one of the many Bloons Tower Defense 6 Wikis out there. Instead, I can only hope to briefly categorise about these already-speculated speculations in order to build a rough map of the types of ideas pertaining to the sequel that are floating around.

Bloon Types

We can’t push forward into a sequel without having some new types of bloons to keep us challenged and frustrated to the max. Bloons Tower Defense 5 gave us the healing bloon, as well as the ZOMG, an abomination of almost undefeatable proportions. Ideas for new bloon s in Bloons Tower Defense 6 seem to focus pretty much on different materials with different properties, as has been the case thus far in the series of games. Ideas such as the Leather Bloon that can be popped with a razor, Time Travel Bloon that can travel forwards in time to the end of the run, and even an It’s Over 9000 bloon that has a red balloon equivalent of over 9000.

The basis of most of the ideas are simply variations on various materials and compounds such as diamond, ruby, pearl, platinum etc., following a similar path of logic as the titles of the main series of Pokémon games. When it comes down to it, we are simply looking for more insane variations of bloons with ever-changing properties and that are increasingly difficult to burst. After being introduced to the ‘ZOMG’ in Bloons Tower Defense 5, we’re going to need something utterly absurd and infinitely challenging to impress us.

Tower Types

Bloons Tower Defense 6 couldn’t possibly be worth its weight in rubber if it also didn’t give us some new tower types. The range of tower ideas out there is almost as varied and creative as the bloon ideas. Ponderings exist along the lines as elemental types of monkey such as fire, wind, water etc. which vary in effectiveness against bloons of different types. Status conditions are also hypothesized on many of the wikis (is it me or are these ideas being thought up by fans who wish they were playing Pokémon?), with ideas like burned, frozen, speed conditions, and sleep that all have an effect on the bloon’s behaviour. Upgrade Towers are also theorised, and have positive effects on the surrounding towers by improving their performance and allowing them to upgrade any tower that is in range. Other more specific types such as Lightning Towers, Flamethrowers, Snow Monkeys, and also upgrades like Poison Darts, which will fit in nicely with the status conditions proposed above. The possibilities are limitless: how about a Quantum Tower that can change the bloons on a molecular level to another random balloon of weaker or stronger type. It would be the ultimate test of bravery since you could end up with a red balloon or draw the short straw with a ZOMG.


There are many ideas of increasing randomness that don’t fit into either tower or balloon categories. Some gameplay changes such as Chaos Mode or Insanity School could increase the difficulty, speed, and quantity of the bloons while halving the number and power of your towers. This really comes down to an increased difficulty mode, but the titles above sound better. Other game modes like Sudden Death and Backwards Mode could also feature in the sequel.

Mini-games could also provide further longevity to the gameplay and could incorporate sideshows such as a whack-a-mole style game but with balloons instead of moles or a slot machine/fruit machine-type game.

Finally, a pause button wouldn’t exactly be unwelcome in the next game either, or perhaps a half-speed button that allows you to slow things down for you to wipe the sweat off your brow and take a much-needed breather.