Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game

Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Popping balloons with dart-throwing monkeys in a tower-defense fashion


With so many games out there claiming to offer the next ultimate tower defense experience, it can be difficult to separate the entertaining wheat from the horribly boring chaff. Make no mistake about it, there are so terrible tower defense games out there that can discourage the first-time tower-defenders from every bothering with the genre again. I consider myself extremely lucky that my first encounter with the genre was the Bloons Tower Defense series. Mixing the fundamentals of tower defense with the eccentric concept of monkey towers popping bloon invaders, the series has remained consistently entertaining and hugely popular throughout its run. Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the latest and dare I say it best realisation of the game to date having been refined carefully over its four predecessors into a contender for the title of ‘best tower defense game there ever was’.


A tower defense title at its core, Bloons Tower Defense 5 has you in control of a series of monkeys which act as the towers; the invaders in this particular case are a series of balloons (or ‘bloons’ to save time by eliminating a consonant and a vowel) that follow a preordained pattern across the screen in various levels and must be popped as quickly and as efficiently as possible before they escape and cost you one life per escapee. The monkeys pop the bloons by throwing darts at them, but as you progress through the game you are able to purchase different kinds of monkeys that perform all sorts of functions, as well as having the potential to be upgraded several times in order to improve and change their functions such as making them more effective against certain types of bloons. Oh, and there are quite a few types of ‘bloons’ that possess their own unique properties as well: this is one of the reasons the game is so addictive.

Bloon Diversity

To make the game more interesting and indeed significantly more challenging to play, you are pitted against increasing numbers of bloons as well as an assortment of different bloon types which each require different numbers of hits to burst them as well as being resistant or susceptible to different types of monkey tower. Regular ‘red’ bloons for example can be popped easily with one dart, whereas different-coloured bloons require 2, 3, 4 or more hits before they are destroyed. The number of hits it takes for any bloon  to  burst as well as its behaviour when it does varies according to the type of bloon. Lead bloons, for example, release two black bloons when they are popped, and also cannot be burst by most regular darts.

Monkey Madness

To augment the variety further and to ensure that you have the capabilities to take on any bloon that comes your way, there is also a wide range of monkeys that you can purchase, ranging from the regular dart-thrower through to long-range sniper monkeys, boomerang-throwing apes, and even ninja monkeys (particularly effective against camouflaged bloons). Each monkey can also be upgraded several times to increase its effectiveness by boosting its rate of fire and the type of ammunition it uses.

Concluding Remarks

In addition to the above features, Ninja Kiwi's td game also has a variety of mini-missions that involve completing levels at a certain handicap such as a tower shortage or a restriction on the towers you are able to use. Between the sheer number of bloons and monkeys to contend and fight with, you will not be short of challenges to keep you going for longer than you thought at flash game could entertain you. The charming animations and slightly-simplified graphics also tie together what is a brilliant premise and some entertaining gameplay, making for one of the best titles of the tower defense genre. Ever.